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Rise Against Hunger to pack 1 Million Meals in memory of Mandela

‘It all starts with a meal’ at Rise Against Hunger this July to commemorate Mandela Day 2022. It has been proven that when a child starts their life by receiving nutritious food during their formative years, they have an increased chance of developing both physically and mentally, which at Rise Against Hunger we believe sets their life on track for a better future.

We know that it is no coincidence that for similar reasons, the Nelson Mandela Foundation is framing it’s Mandela Day work in South Africa around its food and nutrition programme. Alongside the legacy of Nelson Mandela’s 67-minute call to action, together we can make a significant impact on hunger in South Africa this July with Rise Against Hunger’s meal packing target of 1 million meals.

“The overarching objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good. The 18th of July has become a national day of volunteerism, philanthropy and donating time, goods, resources and services to a variety of beneficiaries across the country.” Brian Nell, Rise Against Hunger Africa CEO

Rise Against Hunger Africa will this year be hosting several events nationally in recognition of the life and service of Nelson Mandela. These events provide a platform for corporate volunteers to give 67 minutes of their time to pack our specially formulated, nutritious meals. These meals are then distributed to Early Childhood Development centres which Rise Against Hunger Africa supports on a daily basis as apart of our ECD Connect Programme. The ECD Connect programme is significant in that it links good nutrition with education in a child’s developmental years, making a lasting and wholistic impact in the lives of thousands of children across South Africa.

As with all our meal packing events, our 67-minute Mandela Day events are high energy and a lot of fun for all involved. Our corporate partners are encouraged to send a team of 15 staff members to participate and represent their business, for a tax deductible donation of only R12,500.00. Each team will have the opportunity to pack up over 3000 meals, which will feed 14 children at school for a full year!

Confirmed Mandela Day Venues:

13 July 2022

Bloemfontein – Windmill Casino

15 July 2022

Johannesburg – Sandton Convention Centre

Cape Town – V&A Waterfront

Pietermaritzburg – Horse Casino

18 July 2022

Durban – Reddam College

Some businesses also choose to host private events at their own offices for Mandela Month, a service Rise Against Hunger offers throughout the year, to get the maximum number of staff involved in the comfort of their own offices. This is an excellent way to run an onsite team builder and there is still availability in the majority of our regions.

To get involved don’t hesitate. Download your registration form now and contact Rise Against Hunger Africa to offer your 67 minutes this Mandela Day.

About Rise Against Hunger Africa: Rise Against Hunger Africa is a registered non-profit with full-time operations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Kwazulu Natal. RAH Africa, which was launched in South Africa in 2009, offers a social investment opportunity to provide fully balanced meals for pre-school children necessary for their holistic development. At our core we facilitate volunteer based meal packaging events and sustainable farming projects which impact our results oriented nutrition programme at ECD centres across South Africa.

KFC Add Hope commemorates World Hunger Day – with Rise Against Hunger!

Hunger is one of the timeless challenges humanity has faced throughout its history. One might have hoped that well into the 21st century, such a challenge would have been overcome, but recent events have only exacerbated the problem. And the statistics don’t lie.

Globally, around 820 million people do not have enough to eat, and hunger ratios in this country are on an upward trajectory. Estimates suggest that on average 40% of South Africans, and one in five children, go to bed hungry every night and recent market and natural events has meant that those on the cusp, and those facing food insecurity, have become even more vulnerable with this number fast rising.

“The pandemic-driven lockdowns led to tens of thousands of job losses in South Africa alone,” says Andra Nel, Brand Purpose Manager at KFC. “When coupled with the overwhelming unemployment statistics we already faced and rising inflation which has led to a shortage and an increase in the price of many staple foods – hunger has become a massive challenge. And although the struggle against hunger is not a new one, it is clear that with the country’s economic climate worsening, jobs being lost and livelihoods threatened, action must be taken to help those in need.”

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