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Building Sustainable Food Production and Developing Social Enterprise Development Opportunities


Rise Against Hunger Africa’s core focus in helping to eradicate hunger is the provision of nutritious food for children between the ages of 1 to 6 years old. This is achieved by distributing our rice/soy packs via the ECD Connect program. It is also important for us to create sustainable solutions in the nutrition space and food security within the communities we currently work in. To this end, RAH Africa has begun rolling out its sustainable vegetable garden programs. These gardens create job opportunities, training facilities and nutritious vegetables for our Early Childhood Development Centres. The program will also create a platform to empower women to start their own micro “vegetable market” businesses.


RAH Africa implements and manages these projects end to end to ensure the success of the garden. Comprehensive and consistent Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is also conducted by the RAH Sustainable Communities team. This also includes creating budgets and quarterly financials on each project.

Key Objectives

  • Establish functional vegetable garden tunnels with irrigation systems
  • Create employment opportunities for full-time staff to operate the garden
  • Create a training platform with accredited training opportunities
  • Link the distribution of produce to the ECDs we support with RAH meals
  • Sell a percentage of the produce to create sustainability
  • Set-up, train and empower woman to sell the produce, which creates social enterprise opportunities. (The Woman Empowerment SED Program)
  • Create a seedlings nursery and develop vertical gardens, which will then be placed at ECDs to provide fresh vegetables for the children

Contact Nadine for more information on how to get involved or sponsor a project: nadines@rahafrica.org

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