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UPDATE: Corona Virus – What is RAH Africa Doing?

Rise Against Hunger Africa has been proactive since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our country.

RAH distribution model of delivering meals to Early Childhood Development centres has been disrupted due to the lockdown. We have therefore adapted and changed our distribution of nutritious meals. We are now currently working with over 40 NGO’s, organisations and corporate partners to ensure our meals reach the most vulnerable. In total we have distributed over 1.2 million meals nationally. The collaboration between NGO’s during this period has been phenomenal. It has also been heart-warming to see the number of individuals who want to assist and get involved. We will continue to distribute meals through our partners during this period.

Rise Against Hunger starts production

With the notice of the extended lockdown, RAH took a decision to set-up in-house production lines at two of our branches. Listed as an essential service provider during the period, we have employed a team to assist us continue packing, along with our dedicated staff members. This will ensure we can keep up with the demand for nutritious meals until we can engage with our dedicated volunteers once again.

The RAH Africa Team

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