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Corporate Partnerships

Rise Against Hunger Africa provides several opportunities to engage our corporate partners and their employees actively in our mission to end hunger. Our Team works with companies to help them reach their CSI and employee volunteering program goals as we serve those in need. Consider how your team might join us:

  • Engage your employees in our meaningful hands-on meal packaging events
  • Support sustainable community development programs
  • Join distribution trips and experience how your donations help feed
  • Enroll your employees in skills-based volunteering to increase both our capacity and your staff’s skills

We currently have offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, Kwazulu Natal and Eastern Cape. We are able to offer National meal-packaging events in most provinces. If your company would like to help us end hunger and inspire new leaders to support those in need, partner with Rise Against Hunger Africa today.

Corporate Meal Packaging Program

Rise Against Hunger Africa provides the tools and resources you need for a meaningful employee volunteering program with our turn-key, hands-on meal-packaging events. Participating in these fun and impactful events demonstrates your company’s interest and commitment to corporate social investment initiatives. Our events can fit any size group from 20 to 100+ employees across national and multi-site locations. They are great for corporate volunteer days, new hire orientations, department training programs and team building. Together, we can create a customised and scalable event that suits your needs.

Sustainable Community Development Projects

One of the pathways that Rise Against Hunger Africa has identified to end hunger by 2030 is to help create sustainable communities. RAH Africa begun its first project in October 2018. We now have three projects running in various communities.

These projects offer employment, skills development, fresh nutritious vegetables for the ECD’s we support and nutritious food for local community members who are unable to purchase their own food.

We are also implementing small vegetable gardens at the over 200 ECDs we support in the Gauteng area. We continue to identify partnerships between Communities, Corporates and RAH Africa to fund and expand these projects in the areas we work.

Employee Giving

Rise Against Hunger Africa can become a key part of your workplace giving campaign. Through matched funding, monthly or annual giving campaigns, your employees can help Rise Against Hunger Africa achieve our mission to end world hunger while receiving tax benefits for charitable contributions. Although Rise Against Hunger Africa events are the cornerstone of our organization, donating beyond these events enables us to tackle ending hunger with a holistic approach, addressing the root causes of poverty. Donations from companies and individuals have helped Rise Against Hunger Africa develop global sustainable projects, respond to emergencies in times of crisis, fund our monitoring and evaluation process, as well as provide general organizational support.

Cause Marketing Campaigns

Rise Against Hunger Africa has supported a variety of partners in cause marketing, providing impact and goodwill for both our partners and their audiences. If your company is looking for an opportunity to give back through product transactions, point-of-sale, social media, fundraisers or other promotional campaigns aligned with a worthy cause, consider working with Rise Against Hunger! We will provide the tools and resources you need to implement an effective cause marketing campaign.

Distribution Trips

Rise Against Hunger Africa invites you on a life-changing excursion to visit our beneficiaries. These Distribution Trips are designed to provide an immersive experience. You will have the opportunity to see first-hand the impact our meals are having as well as receive a deeper understanding of Rise Against Hunger Africa Africa’s vision to end hunger by 2030. You will also see how your company’s volunteer service contribution and meal donations are making a difference in the lives of others.

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